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At CCPC we are believers who have found the reason for living and the purpose in life. That is to know Jesus and we want to make Him known. We are excited to learn more about Him as there is much to know about Jesus.

What God is like?

Many people say “O I can’t believe in God”

And you ask ..why not?

And they say ..well I can’t see Him and I don’t know what He is like.

Do you know that there was also someone in the Bible who said exactly the same thing?

It was one of the disciples Phillip who asked the same question 

Just show us the Father i.e. God and that will be enough

And to him Jesus replied  ..have I been with you so long Phillip and you don’t know . He who has seen me has seen the father.

You see God has spoken to all mankind. 

He started first by sending prophets  but then He completed it by sending His son …Jesus 

Now God doesn’t speak to us on Mass like say looking at a telecast beaming around the World .

Rather He spoke first to one Nation and finally through one person in that Nation ..His Son

And through His son the Bible says He  spoke to the world.

He showed you what God is like 

He showed you this through all His actions

And if you want to know all about God 

His Nature..His power..How He created the world… 

What awaits us when we die .

His purpose for our lives

Then you need to look Jesus 

Because when you look at Jesus you will find all that you want to know about God 

You will know God 

And what’s more you have also the possibility of having that personal relationship with Him.

And God’s spoken word is there for you to read 

It isn’t just a book 

It contains God’s spoken word that can touch your heart.

He revealed Himself to mankind in this way and has been revealing Himself to mankind ever since .

All through the Centuries people of various backgrounds have heard His voice and responded to Him .

Why did so many respond to Him 

Because they looked at this work this universe and they have thought there must be someone there who put this all together 

Who has balanced our world in this Universe

And they have looked at the futility of living a life empty of purpose 

and turned to Him for guidance.

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