What about Cyclones? ….

why does He allow such calamities such  as Cyclones to take place.

Why do they happen?

When you read the Bible …it never is like “why do they happen” but why shouldn’t more happen !

We have a distorted idea of God 

we regard Him a little like Santa Claus 

A person who would never do any harm 

who wouldn’t hurt a fly … who would leave us by and large alone

but a person who we would seek or complain to when things got tough or would get us down

The trouble is that God is not like that at all!

Many talk about God as a God of love .

And partly that is true 

But this is a misleading term to apply to God 

because we interpret it in a sentimental rather than a scriptural way. 

God does things which nobody would say were loving. 

Yes, he pardons people, 

but he punishes them; 

He blesses people,

 but he curses them.

 He heals people 

and he kills people.

Does that means God has two sides to his character 

(a good side and a bad side),

 or whether it means that he is moody, and you have to catch him in a good mood if you want good things from him (he might be in a bad mood). 

It does not mean any of those things.

God is so good that He has to do all this. 

He is so good that if we were to look at His face we would perish!

He is so good that he hates evil and even hates evildoers. 

There is as much in the Bible about God hating as there is about God loving.

 It is because he is so good, that even the word ‘good’ is debased today. 

There is a  biblical word for God, 

That word is ‘righteous’.

 God is so righteous he cannot do anything wrong and everything he does is right.

 He can be totally relied upon to be just;

 to be fair, above manipulation, above bribery, above corruption. 

He is absolutely good, absolutely righteous. 

And that explains a number of things about him. 

As I have studied my Bible I have come to the conclusion that the God I know loves righteousness more than people

That may come as a bit of a shock to you, but you go into your Bible and see if it is true. 

When he has to choose between sacrificing righteousness or sacrificing people, he chooses people.

We have seen the proof of that in the story of Noah’s flood,

 a classic example of God loving righteousness more than people 

because Noah’s generation, it says, were unrighteous. 

They were living for food, drink and sex; 

they were already into violence;

 and, finally, God saw that all their thoughts, all the time, were evil. 

So He destroyed them all in the flood.

 By the way, that was probably a tsunami as well as rain. 

It says the ‘flood gates of heaven’ opened and the rain came down,

 but it also says that the waters of the great deep welled up —and that surely means a tsunami; 

there must have been earthquakes as well at that time.

I want you to recall a number of things. 

First, there was one righteous family. 

A righteous man called Noah had passed on the right way of living to his family,

 and eight people were saved from that dreadful disaster.

 Second, I want you to remember that the flood was deserved.

 God is so good that he would never send anything on people that they did not deserve. 

That would be totally unjust and unfair, and God is so good that he would never be unfair.

 Let me underline that: they deserved it and he sent it.

 Third, I want you to notice also that he gave them ample warning that he was going to do it.

 So they had no excuse whatever for ignoring what was going to come. They had at least 120 years to change their ways.

The Bible tells us that He is long suffering .He doesn’t want anyone to perish and He is all the while hoping that people will repent of their way of living and turn to Him for help

But He doesn’t force Himself on people

But to all who will receive Him He will give them the opportunity to be changed

To have a new life 

A new direction .

next part  I want to talk about what God things of us and how that impacts 

Then  why disasters happen  ?