I want to continue why does God allow cyclones

Now I will come to the biggest surprise of all in a moment, 

the Bible does say that nature herself is struggling or groaning. 

but nature is groaning because nature also needs to be rescued

changing, to be brought back into a good state

. Surprisingly enough, the Bible says that nature will not be saved and made good again …until we have been 

—that the whole creation is groaning, struggling, waiting for us to be Changed , 

and when that happens, nature too will be released from death and decay. (Romans 8:22–23).

Jesus predicted that, towards the end of this phase of our world,

 there would be a great increase in disasters, whether caused by human beings or nature,

 so he listed them together. 

He said there would be wars, famines and earthquakes. (Matthew 24:7). 

Wars are clearly humanly caused. 

Earthquakes are nature caused;

 famines, probably a bit of both.

 But he is saying that we can expect an increase.

 Did you know that earthquakes are doubling every ten years? 

It is not just that we hear about them now, through television and radio.

 It is that they are on the increase.

 Ask any seismologist. 

Jesus predicted this two thousand years ago.

 Now what is happening?

 Who is responsible for the increase? 

More people died, proportionately to the world population, in the twentieth century than in any previous century. 

What is this twenty-first going to be like? 

Well, it has already had a bad start, 

and we are over the first ten years

 Since World War II there have been forty-six wars which were international conflicts, to say nothing of civil conflicts. These disasters are increasing, which means that pain and suffering are going to increase.

The Middle East is in Turmoil 

Lawlessness is on the increase

even in our own country in Sydney  and it can easily happen in Rockhampton as well

That is what Jesus said.. 

But why are they increasing? In very simple terms

, I believe it can be explained by the fact that God is taking his restraining hands off nature and off human nature.

We shall never know how much we owe to God’s restraint of our sin, crime and vice. 

He has been restraining it but we read for example in the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans about what happens when God takes his hands off human society. 

There is a great increase in unnatural sexual relations. 

There is an increase in violence. 

There is an increase in family break up, 

and especially children becoming less and less obedient to parents. When you read Romans chapter 1

 it is like reading a Sunday tabloid newspaper!

 All these things happen because God takes his hands off human nature.

 Why should he do that? 

Again you will find the simple biblical answer in that very chapter, Romans 1. 

When men give God up, He gives men up. 

That is fair, isn’t it

That is just.

 When they pay less and less attention to him, he pays less and less attention to them. 

They give up worshipping and thanking him; 

he gives up restraining evil on the earth and in society.

So we have a clear picture here of God taking His hands off human nature, and we see the results of that all around us. 

Who could argue with Paul’s analysis of what happens when God takes his restraining hand off society?

 But we are told in the Bible that towards the end God will take his restraining hand off nature as well, 

and therefore it will behave more and more badly.

 This will build up.

So we have an expectation in the Bible of a build-up of disasters,

 whether caused by human or natural causes, or both. 

Therefore, I am afraid I have to tell you that the Asian and Japanese tsunamis were one of a series that will increase in number and strength, and so are the Cyclones the storms ..the Tornados..the droughts ..the famines..

until the end of the world 

That is the scenario which my Bible paints, and it is not a very pleasant one, 

but we shall see whether the Bible has been accurate.

Here is another surprise in the Bible. 

God has written this world off. 

It is already beyond redemption.

 It is already too polluted to recover. 

He has put a date in his diary for dissolving not just planet earth but the whole universe around it.

at the end he will destroy it with fire.

Now that is not very nice, is it?

 But there is one remarkable statement on the lips of Jesus, who predicted all this,

 and it is this

that these horrible sufferings are birth pains, not death pains. 

Yes, death can be very painful, but birth is painful too. 

And Jesus said: When you hear of all these disasters increasing,

 don’t be too troubled. 

They are creation in ‘labour’ for a new world that’s coming.

 That is a totally different way of looking at increasing disasters,

 that this is the beginning of a new world.

 God has already decided to roll up this one and to build a new heaven and a new earth:

 a new planet earth, and new space around it.

 Brand new. 

And the one thing he is going to make quite sure is this

— that nothing bad will ever enter it. 

He has decided to start all over again. 

He is going to make a brand new universe wherein righteousness resides. 

In simple terms, nothing and no-one will be allowed to pollute it in any way. 

And all those who will surrender their lives to Him will be in it