I was up before dawn this morning at the beach front watching the son come up on this resurrection Sunday and we sang resurrection Hymns

all about How Christ rose on the third day of the week 

You might ask me........

what is so important about Jesus rising from the dead ?

Well it does seem logical that if someone could rise from the dead that it would be a big deal.

And it was a relief to His followers who were all disillusioned because they could not understand why He should die even though He told them several times what would happen.

Why is it such a big deal to us as well

Well He won the victory rather than defeat. The devil thought he had won and that he was victorious …however he did not comprehend that Jesus died deliberately so He could overpower the devil who had the world under his power and bondage all because of sin. 

But when Jesus died and rose on the third day ..which we celebrate on Sunday He became victorious over all the evil powers and He became Lord over all.

And because of the victory He made He has given gifts to the Church 

some are miraculous gifts

We now have the power of prayer

prayer which can change things

The Bible tells us that He ascended into Heaven and that He sits victorious at the right hand of God . 

He sits now having accomplished the victory 

and He is there controlling the world

But He still hasn’t taken full possession of it  until the devil is cast out of the way .

And that will be when God draws this world to a conclusion.

The other great thing is that now He has risen is that we can have Him live in our lives

When He was first in this world He only showed Himself to some but now that He is risen we can have direct access to Him 

He now directs and leads all believers

The risen Christ can lead and direct your life through the Spirit of God 

Not only that He acts within your life to make you new 

To heal you from sin and to make you new.

Because He has won the victory 

He can change your life and make it new

He can change the impossible 

There is nothing He cannot do

If you don’t know Him and that resurrection power we can send you some literature 

Simply write to From the Bible Box 2235 Yeppoon 4703

And when He comes back a second time He will take full possession of it