On the refugee crisis  

At the moment we are in Europe where countries are experiencing one of the greatest humanitarian crisis.


In Holland there has been an acute shortage of accommodation. Anyone wanting to move into a home  has to wait years to get accommodation. 

We have been talking to some single mothers who have had to move back into their parent’s homes. My son in law has been on the waiting list for 10 years for accommodation..but  the country is in danger of being invaded by a population greater than that of the Netherlands. 

Most of the asylum seekers  would have to go on welfare because there is massive unemployment here. The language is completely different and it would take them years to adjust.

Refugees are in danger of jumping from the pan into the fire. 

Should a place be found for them there is a danger of developing a ghetto . 

Many here don’t feel resettling them in Europe will work and it will bring conflict into Europe. The cultural differences are poles apart and whilst initially they may be willingly accepted in such a country as Germany ..they will experience problems in the long term.

Norway is already sending many back under the excuse that they create crime. 

Europe is also more and more getting influenced by extreme right wing parties and I can envisage another Hitler like ruler coming to power and who knows what might happen to them. There is also in quite a few countries a concern about Islam and especially Hungary.

There is no easy solution and many in Australia and indeed here in Europe feel that Tony Abbott has been vindicated in avoiding such tragic deaths in turning back the boats and "being cruel in order to be kind " and then rather processing them from the camps from whence they came from, because   deaths such  as you saw in the media were quite common before the boats were turned back.

I cannot see a solution for Europe because we are treating the problem rather than the solution.

What is the cause of all this?  

We look at the the symptom rather than the disease and so miss the cure.

The Bible has one word for it (the disease) and that word is sin

Do you realise that we have all the resources and all the money in this world to feed everyone in this world even with an increase in population. 

God made it this way ..

So what went wrong ?

Nations of all religions and philosophies and their people have all turned their backs on God. When something like this happens they say “where is God” And in so rejecting God’s way.. they don’t know what they are doing and they miss the mark.. 

This is plain today .. all the world’s politicians are just mumbling rhetoric ..they don’t know the way! 

All they do is talk!

Why can’t they do anything?………………………..

The Real Cause

We were made to follow God’s ways . Supposing a little 6 year old child said to their parents ..from now on I am leaving home .. can you see what would happen. 

We do the same….we say that to our heavenly father ..I don’t need you ..I have everything I need thank you very much …I want to be free to do my own thing!

And we end up making a mess of ourselves and the world.

The Bible says ….If nations and people would humble themselves and turn to Him we have His promise that God would heal their land.He would show us what to do.

2Chr. 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 

Can you see that this does not happen.

All these situations are signs of us going our own way.

The middle East is in turmoil …there are wars in Syria and Iraq..Afghanistan  Egypt..Sudan Ethiopia…Somalia..and around Aden ..Palestine ..Lebanon.

Mankind thinks that they know better than God !

God lets them go their way ..He never forces Himself upon anyone who doesn’t want to follow Him.

If we could only stop wars ..if we could find righteous rulers and politicians instead of corrupt ones  ,because no leader and no politician is perfect,  ....we would  have peace .we would not have this refugee problem.

Unfortunately problems  will continue because the Bible tells us that there will be more wars and rumours of wars and nations will rise against nations.It tells of a coming conflict in the middle east It tells us of climate change  not just caused by environmental corruption but because of sinful corruption.

We see many perishing trying to reach Europe and getting quite outraged about the loss of that one child …while there were thousands of other children that drowned 

Yet that is only one problem ..we are  turning a blind  eye to the killing of millions of even younger children in our own country through abortions!

It is  hypocritical to say with one hand  “oh poor refugees “ yet on the other hand turn a blind eye to the killing of unborn babies ..what is so different?

It is easy to say we are concerrned  because the imagery is visible and affecting our conscienceswhen we see the picture …..but honestly do we really care enough to do something about it  and hence are we just selective ? 

The Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” What does that mean ? It means that all our achievements all our glory , all our desires fall short of God’s standards. 

Is. 64:6  ¶ All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;

When I look at this world I see filthy rags:

Inadequate rulers ..social injustice…Violent men ..Hatred ..strive ..bloodshed ..suffering

What is the solution to all the troubles of this world?

Turn back to God………………………

Let Him guide and direct  your life and consequently this world …..

All the millions of dollars that is spent on weapons would feed the world ten times over..it would rebuild all the destructed cities..it would create agriculture. .....nations would live in peace with each other instead of stockpiling weapons in case of war and in order to safeguard another nation taking advantage of the other.

Am I just living in fairy land?

No because one day this will happen.

 There will be  the most powerful ruler ever experienced in this world who will rule .

Who will not bow to corruption who will alway be just. and right in all His dealings . The time will come when all the weaponry in the world will be used for the good “the sword  will be made into a plough-shear” and mankind will experience the peace that they have never known.

We have never had a ruler like that because all previous rulers have been imperfect ..they have either been to harsh or to weak.

All this turmoil in the world is leading us to that time when that ruler Jesus will come back to this world and fix it.

As for now problems will only magnify……. our world situation will worsen because there is still the presence of evil in this world ..the Bible tells us of satan and how he is still in control of this world and until he is taken out turmoil will increase rather than decrease.

What can you do at this time .

You can feel sorry for the poor refugees and then forget all about it tomorrow. The biggest thing you can do is to pray and ask God to rule your life so you are ready for when He comes back ….

He may then lead you to not only feel sorry for the refugees but to help them financially and perhaps you may even go out and help.

Don’t just feel sorry… give….but be discerning in what organisation you give to.

Pray …ask Him to speak to the leaders of the world that they might follow God’s way and should they do this He will help…pray for peace in the Middle East. 

The Bible tells us that if God’s people humble themselves and pray that He will heal their land .