Alternative Medicine  or Idolatry

Is there anything wrong with Alternative Medicine?

The answer is of ….course no…..

When God made food bearing plants.He created it to be good.


But satan has a habit of using good food to draw you away from God just like he did in the Garden.

When satan tempted Eve……… he tempted her with fruit that looked good.

Sometimes we get the idea that Satan always tempts you with bad things.

but….he temps more with good things than bad things.

Whenever he achieves his goal …….it is usually with good things

It is not what we eat that matters as much as our attitude to what we eat that really matters!

Now I am not advocating eating bad things but what I am saying is that

Alternate medicine can easily become an idol for us!

  1. It can make us feel subconscious if we can control destiny without God. We are going to live longer because of what we eat.      We thumb our nose at the God who has determined our destiny and has numbered our days.
  2. We think there are medical conspiracies and that Doctors don’t know what they are talking about and mean bad for us.                                  We distrust doctors and any medicine.                                                         We are always subscribing to conspiracy theories.We look for the bad in conventional medicine, all the while making us feel superior in our knowledge of Medicine. We are like gods.
  3. We overlook the good in Medicine and classify all conventional medicine as wrong
  4. When Alternative Medicine becomes an idol.It will affect our lifestyle.
    • It will dominate our thoughts.
    • We don’t eat normally because of this or that.
    • We instead of a faith in God, develop a faith in the multiple internet dealers of conspiracies who will sell their alternate products……… that drug companies don’t want you to know about.               
    • We distrust the food that God has provided for us tantamount to believing that God wants bad for us.
    • Many prefer to live a miserable life being forced to eat disgusting portions at inflationary costs.
  1. Belief can be confusing  as alternative medicine is never consistent
    • Throughout time  one food or thing that was bad after all …. is now good and vice versa 
    • or there are conspiracies behind this product that were not there yesterday.
  1. We don’t trust God’s goodness …we don’t trust the food He has made…we don’t trust the food  He has made of which He commented “it is good”
  2. And sub-consciencely believe the satanic lie … that God did not mean good for Adam and Eve and that they were better off being their own gods.


Now if alternative medicine leads to idolatry

What impact do they have on your life?


Idols have power

Powers to control your life, the gods of idols don’t mind if you say that you believe in God … long as you don’t follow Him

Primitive tribes t believed that the idols they had created had power.

  • All occultists idols have power.
  • Their gods had the power to do miraculous stuff and even to heal
  • and believing in them meant being under their power and living under their power.
  • Just like primitive tribes became superstitious  …worried about going to certain places ….worried about the dark …the seasons…the atmosphere

These are the symptoms of serving idols.

  • It can stop some people from living in a place because of the environment that God made for good. is regarded as bad.
  • From travelling …from going outside …from eating or abstaining certain foods.that God created.
  • from wearing certain clothes …from driving certain cars….living in certain places.

Idols can cause phobias.

The result is restless lives ……….never satisfied with life because they serve a restless god.


Now you might say that alternative medicine is good and many products are although there are quite a few products that have been shown not to be what they are made out to be…







But how can you tell if you are bound by idolatry?

  1. how much time do you spend looking at the word of God compared to alternative medicine or conspiracy theories? It is my experience that so many involved spend little time with the word of God. Yes, you may at times read little bits of it but that is not enough. God’s word must rule our life.This is a good diagnostic tool.
  2. Do you spend time applying the word of God to your life?
  3. Do you seek God’s will …do you talk to Him often?
  4. Do you have the peace of God in your soul and not the restlessness of satan that he confers on idolators.
  5. How much time do you spend looking at alternative medicine etc compared to the word of God? If you had a choice whether to read the latest magazine on alternative medicine and the word of God which of the two would you read first.
  6. Is your quest for alternative medicine and consequent lifestyle affecting the way you interact socially with others?
  7. How much time do you spend in fellowship with other Christians, alas I find that many do not even go to Church and cannot fit in any Church following the wish of Satan.
  8. If that is you need to confess your sin to God and repent.That means turning away from things that have you bound , and live the life that God has created you for. To serve Him and to grow further in your life with the aim of becoming mature in Christ.
  9. If not then enjoy the food that God has created and walk by faith in Him placing Him no 1 in your life.


For further reading read also the condition of Orthorexia Nervosa similar but in reverse to Anorexia Nervosa.