Both sides have missed the mark regarding Australia Day 

Was Australia Invaded?

I am going to give a Biblical answer to the debate on Australia Day from the one who created us .It is God who controls who goes where. Now you may laugh at this if you are an atheist but the Bible tells us that God is in control.

When the first fleet came to Australia they weren’t able to take it without a higher authority giving them the all clear!

According to the Bible no nation can say that they own their land. It is not their land....... leasing is a better term  .they merely lease it. God owns the land and He gives it to whosoever He will.

And all through the Centuries boundaries have been altered as a matter of fact when you look at an old atlas it is much different.than today. 

When you look at History you see the different empires ...The Babylonians ....then The Medes and Persians then the  Greeks than 4 fragmented Empires then the Romans. The History of Europe is full of Empires The Spanish ..the French ... The British ..the German.

Who can claim their land based on past History?

According to the Bible, the word of our creator, it is God who decides who leases the land and their boundaries .

In Acts 17 :26 we read :
From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

It is God who decides... And He leases the land! 

I use the term lease because there have been conditions for keeping the land
There are numerous examples in the Bible
Take the nation of Israel …it was given to the Jews by God on a permanent lease with conditions that they obeyed His laws.

Now this may seem unjust  because the land given to them was occupied

The previous inhabitants violated their lease they did all sorts of vile things …They did vile things ... they sacrificed  babies ...their society collapsed.

God gave them 400 years to straighten themselves out but then allowed the Jews to invade the land and give the lease to the Jews.
Another case was Sodom’s  morality was so bad that their lease was terminated. In this case God destroyed it 

When the Jews started also worshipping other Gods God kicked them out of their lease for 70 years and gave the lease to Babylon and Persia.

The Bible says that Blessed is the Nation that follows God .
God has always blessed nations that followed God …The reason Rome fell and lost most of its lease was that its morality declined and it became dysfunctional.
Great Britain became powerful but it lost its power when they stopped following God .

The USA is on its way down as well and may well lose its power to China .
As morality declines the power of the Nations decline. Our nation’s morality as well as Great Britain and Europe is declining ….God is patient but we may well end up losing our lease . It could go to the Chinese.But realise that the lease of Australia includes all cultures Europeans Asians, Aborigines , Islanders etc. Many injustices have been rectified .Aborigines  and Islanders own significant parcels of land...