How do I connect with Jesus ?

You see Christianity involves a personal realtionship with the living God and His son Jesus. You see Christianity is not just a belief in a God , it isn't just knowing about a isn't just going to Church and listening to a preacher.....It is a personal relationship with God. 

You may ask well how can i get to know Jesus?                                                                                                   I  may assume that if you ask that question, you are searching for something in life , something that makes sense something that gives life a meaning? Well why don't you seek Christ?.

The Bible says if you seek Him you will find Him, 

Firstly you must realize that you are lost. The Bible desribes as being lost .as sin ...sin being separation from God , as a result not living in the way that you were meant to live. Sin is not only just doing the wrong things but it also implies that you are lost... you are separated from God ...Sin is also like having a disease , a disease that is ultimately fatal..... it leaves you feeling empty in life no matter how you try to fill this vacuum inside!

But if you seek Christ that of a little child realising your vulnurability and devoid of ability and come to Him and ask Him to "Come into your life" that is to change you .. to come into the family of God . Christ will change you...He will fill that vacuum that is inside if you ..He will adopt you into His family and He will become real in your life.

The Bible calls it being born again ....You will become a new person even though your body is still the same.In John 3:5  ¶ Jesus said “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

You cannot have that relationship with God and be part of His Kingdom unless you are born again.

Now How can you be born again?

To be part of God's family and His kingdom ..God must be King ..He must from now on rule in your life . The reason we are lost is that we wanted to run our own lives,and  we were lost and separated from God. We show this in making so much of a mess in our world and in our live.

We deserve to be eternally separated from God because we rejected the God who made us for His purpose and we suffer spiritual death on earth . After we die we will have to face His judgement .and Jesus talked about this place and He called it Hell where there was eternal punishment for all those who rejected Him. 

God is a God of love but He is also a just God and He will meet out Judgement on those who reject Him but will give new life to those who will come to Him and allow Him to run their lives by faith.

If you don't know Him let Him rule your life ..let Him place you into His family and become a father to you. Ask Him to come into your life in prayer and start believng and trusting in Him to guard and rule your life.

Take note it will be of no benefit to you  unless you let Him rule your life because he must have control of your life. He will then change your life and you will connect with Him!