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At CCPC we are believers who have found the reason for living and the purpose in life. That is to know Jesus and we want to make Him known. We are excited to learn more about Him as there is much to know about Jesus.

  • What is Easter to you?

Year after year we come together on a Good Friday morning and we look at the crucifixion of Christ .
We sing Crucifixion Hymns ..we look at the Bible reading
and often we feel gloomy and somewhat sad about what happened

That the Son of God would choose to die for someone like me

We go all over it

  • The last supper when Jesus talked for the last time with His disciples and explained that He was to die

    • They did not comprehend it

    • Then to the garden of Gethsemany

    • The agony in the garden where Jesus was faced with the prospect

      of the crucifixion

  • There was the temptation to keep living and not die

  • His plea perhaps to stay here..

  • His powerful prayer that drew blood

  • The slackness and lack of support by His Disciples

  • His subjection to the will of God

  • Then His betrayal from a disciple dear to Him

  • The desertion not only by His Disciples

    • Betrayals can hurt more

    • The the denial by Peter

    • The people that were all praising Him turned against Him

  • The false accusations

  • The corrupt and unjust political system

  • The turning of the crowd

  • The hurtling of abuse even at the cross

  • The nail pierced hands

  • The forsaking even by the Father Himself

  • The agony of the cross leading to death.

  • And Jesus bore it all bit by bit.

  • And every Easter we can hear parts of these events and be touched momentarily about them.

  • Then we return home

  • Having received our spiritual dose for now

  • the annual spiritual dose for the year.

  • But for now there is a life to live

  • memories of Easter will soon all fade away

  • as part of the routine of life ........supplant it !

    • To the real world

    • The world where we see and feel and breathe

    • Where we have things to get done

• After all there is the consequence of neglect

  • Household duties that need doing

  • Gardens to maintain against weeds

  • We have houses to care for 

• We have food to prepare

• Children to take care of and run around

• We have to work in order to make money to live

  • the world we breath in the world which we can can see

  • the world we are in

    But How real is our real world?

    Is something that last only 70-100 years real?

  • Yes we call this a lifetime

  • But  the Bible describes it as just like a breath !

  • Sometimes that is over almost like a breath!

  • When you look at our body

    • We Have a body that is deteriorating

    • That will not last forever

    • How does that make this world real?

      The Bible tells us however that there is something inside of us that will never deteriorate
      It is the Spirit ...the soul

      You know the part that is inside of us?
      We have a body that is slowly deteriorating ....but inside of it is our spirit

    • Our spirit isn’t deteriorating at all
      Our Body is ........but our spirit is just still like a 30 year old

  • It will never deteriorate !

  • It is there for eternity !

  • It will never perish

  • And when my body dies it will still be there

  • It is there for eternity

  • It will one day leave our bodies which face decay !

  • And face the Judgement seat of Christ!

  • When it leaves this world we consider to be “the real world”

    • To a world that is eternal and it will never stop

    • From a world that is short ...a world that will fade a way! • To a new world and a new order

      Here is an enigma!

      If our days are so short
      And the days spin away rapidly
      Why do we spend so little time looking after something that is more important ...than any of the things that we spend so much time on .........?

  •   More important ....... ?

  • What is more important than the things we do in order to live?

• If we don’t work things will not happen

  • And on top of all that we feel we need time to relax and have a social life !

  • There are programmes to watch !

  • We live in what we consider to be the real world!

  • Is there something else that we overlook?!

  • Easter time reminds us of something very important !

  • There is something more to life ....There is a spiritual dimension to life!

    Lets compare this life to the next

    Lets do some Mathematics

  • Lets say we all live to one Hundred for a clean figure

  • Now divide that figure by infinity

  • Now what do you get?.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    It’s really nothing isn’t it
    you would be flat out getting even a fraction

    Why do we often spend most of our time on nothing?! But so little on the Spiritual side !
    On that that is inside of us that is the real us !
    That will last eternally!

  • spent on things that do not last !

  • on things that do not satisfy!

    There was a survey of how the average person in the USA spends their time per day
    we see that at least 8hrs are kept for sleep

Now this is the USA but I am inclined to thing that the Australian figures would be worse with religious activities

• and prayer would be a small part of this mostly .05 % of our time

Why spend only .05% of our daily time on eternity!! But nearly 100% on nothing
Yes nothing when you compare it to eternity!


I often deal with people who are going to go on a long trip overseas and they are spending so much time preparing for flights accommodation .. preparing their itinerary ..cars .. customs ...

  • ! And they are stressed out

  • The preparation starts months before

  • sometimes even years before

8 Hours working ... leaving 8 hrs! leisure 4.5-6hrs !
watching TV 2-4 hrs /day reading ! 13 minutes to half an hour grooming!

28-46 minutes commuting!

30-63 minutes thinking and relaxing 8-30 minutes ! religious activities 2-17 minutes max!

But suppose you didn’t prepare !
Suppose you just fronted up to the airport and you were asked for your ticket!

  • What airline !

  • Where is your passport ? !

  • where are you staying?!

  • Oh I thought I could just get there without preparation !
    You would not get through the gate !
    That is no different in attitude to many today regarding Spiritual things! And well may they be knocking on the door of Heaven to no avail!
    There is a world that will follow this world !
    A different World it is the Real World!
    Jesus stepped out of it and came into ours and went back to it again after Easter!
    Jesus who made this world and created us for a purpose!

  • And that purpose was to prepare us To live in this new world !

  • He was preparing for us after we leave this world!

  • And it needs preparing just the same as you prepare for a long Journey to

    migrate to a new Country ..!

    And it was Easter that the full preparation could take place ! That the ticket can be received!
    God could not accept us in our natural state !
    Our sin needed to be cleansed !

    Our sin needed to be forgiven!

    The writer to the Hebrews writing to wavering people says stop wavering .......Consider Christ the author of Salvation
    And it is very important to do so at Easter time
    He is saying you should do more than just normal living

    You should consider Jesus,
    You should consider him (first fix your thoughts on Him).

  • The word “consider” means to give such earnest attention; to think so hard

    about something

  • Do some lateral thinking

  • It is something you must do

• • •

not something that is done for you! so that you get the message,!

that you discover the hidden meaning. !

  • Or, as one person has put it, that you master the mystery.!

  • So you get the point and the purpose of it all !

  • And when you do it leads to a revelation that can change your life! !

  • We do not consider enough !

  • That’s the problem !

  • We need to sometimes during the day stop and think !

  • And Consider!

  • When you consider ....You get the meaning of life !

  • You then know which way you are heading ! !

Christ e.g. said, “Consider the lilies....” Take the flowers in your garden. !

  • Don’t just look at them. !

  • Don’t just say, “Haven’t I got a lovely garden” !

  • or, “Aren’t those flowers lovely?” !

  • Consider the lilies, look at them until you get their meaning,!

  • until you get their message: !

  • You look at them !

    • and you see how wonderfully they are made!

    • how they grew out of just one seed !

    • how beautifully they are clothed!

    • And you say ..how could this happen by chance ?!

    • And you think someone beyond us has made this !

    • And is looking after this!

  • The message is this !

  • God clothes them beautifully, He will look after you.!

  • And when you do this it leads to faith in God!!

  • So consider them says Christ !

    But there are many people who go to a flower show and never consider flowers;!

• they never get the message.

You may be going to church regularly ..and say.... I know that there is a God!

• • • •

But have you considered Jesus?

• • •

Do you think about him?
Do you try and master the mystery?
Do you look at Jesus with such fixed attention that you get the message—

so that you understand who he is and what he can do for you?

And it leads you to accept Him

Plenty of people say they believe in Jesus,

but not so many consider him and think about him and meditate and understand.and consequently follow Him!

  • The psalmist did this when he looked at the universe

  • He looks at the stars and the universe

  • And he ponders all about it

  • How everything is so regular

  • He says there must be a higher being who made this all and put it so nicely together 

  • He sees God ...

  • The Heavens are telling the glory of God ....he concluded

    • He saw there is more to life than just living

    • He saw the meaning of life

    • and he asks the question of how come God cares for us so much

  • And he sees God

  • It makes him follow God

• It makes him invest what matters most in life

Consider the implications of Easter

  • The Son of God died a cruel death for you !

  • You mattered to God

  • Even though He died this cruel death ..2000 years ago

    • He had you in mind

    • He died so that you could live

    • Not just an ordinary life

    • But an abundant life

    • He died to change you !

    • To make you new !

      This Easter is a wonderful time to consider!

      Many are on holidays time!
      It is often in times like these when you out of routine!
      That you spend more time thinking !
      You have more time on your hands!
      Consider !
      Consider Christ !
      And when you Consider Him consider today the cross!! !
      Consider the direction you are going !

  • Are you just drifting along in your life?!

  • If so where are you heading?!
    The writer to the Hebrews had done a lot of sailing ! He compares Life to like being on a boat ! !

! But it is a boat heading for the rocks !
and that Most people are just content to drift along with the current !

• They don’t consider!

  • We all have fallen short of the glory of God !

  • We were born sinners !

  • We have all broken the commandments of God !

  • In not placing God first in our lives!

  • In putting other things above Him!

  • In lying ..in stealing .. in coveting..etc etc!

  • Right from the time we were born we had to learn to do the right

    thing because we already knew by nature to do the wrong thing!

  • And the penalty is death !

  • Separation from God eternally !

  • And we drift along being driven by those around us !

  • By public opinion ,!

  • Without realising the consequences !

  • And the Bible says mankind is heading for disaster !
    The current of life is taking you to the rocks and disaster instead of a safe Harbour.!
    All you need to do to hit the rocks and disaster is to do nothing’!

• just live a normal life!


  • Do the things you normally do !

  • At times you may hear of someone who has died that alerts you to the fact

    that you are not going to drift forever !

  • You may be near to your destiny !

  • Sometimes your body gives you warning signs !

  • Until you hit the rocks !

  • But then it is too late!
    Wake up ...says the writer to the Hebrews ..our soul is what counts! Consider Christ consider what He did to rescue you!
    And he says it requires action ..now !

    • not To ponder !

    • To wait until some opportune day !

    • you do something about it today!!

      Consider this Easter the cross !

      Consider this Easter time that He died and He did this! And in doing so provided an Anchor for the soul!

  • To stop you from drifting to disaster !

  • To give you something to hang on in life!

  • To hold you and rescue you from the way all mankind is in danger of going!

  • To keep you safe and secure!

  • To help you weather the storms of life!

  • The currents and the waves of turmoil !

  • And eventually to lead you safe into that harbour !
    He came to address your soul your spirit ... the part that is not going to die ! to rescue you from destruction !
    Consider Christ !
    1) Consider how often you can waste all your time on other things that are not relevant !

  • There are things that are necessary to live but we waste all your time on

    things that do not prepare us for eternity!

  • That feed the souls!

  • To consider Christ means to get serious about Christ!

  • To take stock of the way you are living !

    • The way you decide to run a business !

    • The way you decide to run your family!

    • It means a new way of living a new journey!

    • It will mean reorganising your daily schedule !

    • You are preparing for a journey into eternity !

    • You are concentrating on things that are more important than

      anything else in life.!

      2) Consider the implications it can have on your life!

      You will start to see the implications of the Son of God who hung on that cross on Calvary !


  • And you look at yourself and realise !

  • You are here only for a while !

  • That life is futile without Christ!

    • That you are a sinner !

    • That you are unable to save yourselves!

    • And you look at that cross of calvary and you say !

      • Lord forgive me !

      • Lord change me !

      • Make me one of your family !

    • Thank you for dying on that cross for me !

      • Come into me life and change me !

      • And He comes into your life and starts to change you!

    • He will be that anchor to your soul !

    • He will stop you from the rocks !

    • And guide you safe into His harbour ! !

      3) Consider waking up ..being alert !!
      Unlike the many that are sailing in this ship of life that is heading for the rocks and disaster!

  • They just sit there on the deck floating along as it heads to the rocks!

  • The tragedy is that you don’t have to do nothing to get to Hell!

    • Millions of Australians are heading for Hell!

    • All you do is live the life you live !

      • Go on the same way you are living !

      • and you will end up there!!

    • When you consider Him You realise you are no different than!

    • the crowd who passively went along with those who crucified Christ!

    • They did nothing!

  • Like Pilate who washed his hands and said I will have nothing to do with this!

• but in so doing had everything to do with it !

  • But when you consider Christ you are confronted by the living Christ!

  • You realise that you are no different than the crowd who stood idly by ! !
    4)When you consider Christ you consider changing direction!
    You wake up and you decide !

  • You realise what He has done for you!

  • You realise that you are no different than the crowd !

  • And you repent !

  • To repent also involves changing direction!

  • You confess your sin and ask Him to come into your life and change you !

  • And He forgives your sin!

  • And He starts to transform your life !

  • He starts to work in you preparing you for that future life with Him!

    5) When you consider Christ you consider and decide today!

    Time is short !

• If He is saying to you as you consider Him !


  • To come to Him!

  • You must do it today?!

  • Why today?!

  • Tomorrow the troubles and cares of life will return and draw your

    thoughts and intentions right away !

  • Yesterday is gone ...tomorrow may not happen!

  • The anchor must be taken hold of today because the rocks may be near!

  • You may get another chance tomorrow but the pull of just drifting along is

    there !

  • Another message may never come!


    when you consider Christ today let this just not be just a show this morning !

  • Let this be a time when all those who have considered and have taken the

    action to follow Him !

  • think back in gratitude to what He has done in our lives .!

  • And what He is doing in our lives !

  • and thank Him for His death !

  • and praise His name with a gratitude of heart !

  • Because we have been forgiven !

  • And He is changing us into His likeness!

  • Let this inspire us with all the more zeal to follow Him more closely

  • To rescue those who are idly heading for the rocks

    If you don’t know Him ...Consider today surrender your self to Him todayConsider Christ
    Consider The cross this Easter
    Consider your life
    And come to Him by faith and let Him change you

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