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At CCPC we are believers who have found the reason for living and the purpose in life. That is to know Jesus and we want to make Him known. We are excited to learn more about Him as there is much to know about Jesus.


Well it is about the time again when we start to talk about New Year resolutions 

  • It is always a good thing to look at the last year and to see where we stuffed up and how to do things better .

  • There are a few things we need to be careful about .

  • I want to quote a verse out of the bible that has great wisdom about attitudes that we should have about the new year.

Phil. 3:13 I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 

Phil. 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. 


It was written by Paul and he acknowledges the fact that he has made it yet

  • he hasn’t been able to achieve what he set out to do ?

  • Yes who today can say that he or she has made it yet and achieved all that they set out to do .

  • But what he says that is particularly relevant is 

  • 1) forget what is behind you 

    • now that isn’t an easy thing to do 

    • especially if you feel guilty about something you did last year 

    • the feeling will enter this year with you ..and continue to haunt you and impair your goal.

    • you need to apologise if you have hurt or offended someone .

    • so you can enter this new year clean as it were 

    • It may hurt your pride to do so and for some it is the most difficult thing to do but it is worth it.

    • Or you have made mistakes  and you are feeling utterly down 

    • you are feeling worthless 

    • You may have been rejected by your peers (sometimes that is a good thing if your peers were dragging you down)

    • You may have tried to make something out of life …but have not succeeded 

    • You think that you are a failure!

    • Well you need to do what that verse tells you to do …forget!

    • forget and forget! ….

    • We all fail at times …. we all make mistakes

    • we all at times have said things that we are sorry we have said.

    • Unless you are able to forget …you will fail.


2) Sometimes you may also need to forget the road that you were travelling on and think laterally !

  • We can often get into a rut by doing the same things 

  • travelling the same road 

  • and getting into a rut 

  • The Bible tells us that we can choose one of two roads .

    • The wide road ….the road that nearly everyone is on

    • And those who travel that road will tell  you it is the best way and that there is no doubt about it 

    • The Bible tells us that that road is a disappointing road 

    • It is a road that leads to disappointment and destruction

    • you have been probably travelling this road 

    • And it has been full of disappointments 

  • or a Narrow road 

  • … a road that is not easy to find because it is often hidden from view 

  • The bible tells us that few will find it ….why ?

  • It isn’t very popular 

  • very few will make a resolution to take it being quite content to live an ordinary life 

  • It isn’t the done thing to travel

  • It isn’t an easy road to travel on compared to the smooth road 

  • It isn’t for the faint hearted 

  • Yet it is a satisfying road 

  • It is a road of joy and peace 

  • a road of purpose

  • It is a road that goes somewhere 

  • The road leads to real life and continues past death .

The entrance of the door to that road is a person 

The person of Christ 


  • Most will enter that door after looking back at their lives and seeing disappointments

  • looking back at their lives and wondering what it has all been about .

  • Not knowing what to do…. but reaching out to Christ……. out of frustration and self realisation and asking Him to forgive them of their rebellious nature …the bible calls sin and asking Him to forgive them of their sin 

  • To them He opens the door and they start as it were a new year resolution  following Christ 

  • They follow a different path 

  • Its a hard path …its a growing path …it’s not for the faint hearted

  • it involves being dead to your old ways but being alive to the things of God 

  • It’s a living way …with a living relationship with Christ 

  • You will not see any self sufficient people at that door .

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